District 20 Service Positions

District 20 Santa Clara Valley has a number of service positions which help our local groups support Al-Anon and Alateen meetings in our area. 

Doing service at the district level is rewarding, fun, and a wonderful way to watch the program  in operation. 

In Al-Anon we are told that we "get healthy together." Doing district service is one way to share our walk in recovery.

How to Apply for D-20 Service Positions:
Please read the list of service positions (below) then contact us by sending an email to d20afgnews @gmail.com (omit the space before the "@" sign). We would love to have you on our D-20 team!*

All Service Members Attend Our Bi-Monthly Business Meetings: The District 20 service positions below attend our regular D-20 Business Meetings, which are held on the 3rd Wednesday of odd-numbered months: January, March, May, July, September, and November. 
The meeting time and location for those business meetings is:
7:00 - 9:00 p.m.  - Immanuel Lutheran Church, 14103 Saratoga Ave.Saratoga, California. We meet in a classroom by the large tree to the left of the church Sanctuary. Look for the Al-Anon sign on the door. (Al-Anon members are welcome to come and observe, although only elected group representatives may vote or add new business to the agenda, due to time constraints.)

District 20 Service Positions:
  • District Representative - Attends meetings with NCWSC officers and coordinators at Northern California locations. Hosts District 20 bi-monthly business meetings and introduces the District 20 bi-monthly Speaker Meetings. Assists local meeting GR's with their group's needs. (Must be an AMIAS with the annual screening process already completed and approved by the SCV AFG IG and NCWSA Alateen Process Persons. AMIAS status must be kept current during service term.)
  • Alternate District Representative (must have been a former group rep.) - Attends Intergroup meetings for the district to report back and collect AIS information. This position attends NCWSC meetings if the DR is unable to attend for some reason. The Alternate Group Rep. is automatically a member of the Santa Clara Valley Intergroup (AIS) Service Board and attends those meetings as they are scheduled by the SCV AFG Chairperson. (Must be an AMIAS with the annual screening process already completed and approved by the SCV AFG IG and NCWSA Alateen Process Persons. AMIAS status must be kept current during service term.)
  • Secretary - Sends out minutes of business meetings to group reps. and provides updates and corrected copies (with details on completed motions) both for District 20 and for Intergroup archives files. Stores all District files and maintains the District Rep. binder provided by NCWSC.
  • Treasurer - Collects district mail and deposits all donations to District 20 bank account. Balances check book, provides bi-monthly financial reports, and makes payments by check for district rents, costs, and reimbursements. Writes and sends thank-you notes to meeting groups for all donations, and keeps copies of all letters and checks on file. 
  • D-20 Alateen Liaison (works with the SCV AFG Alateen Process Person) This position reports back the to district on Alateen news, needs, and opportunities for service. The district funds Alateen scholarships to annual events based on the recommendation of this position. (Must be AMIAS screened by NCWSA.)
  • Speaker Committee Public Relations Coordinator - Make the flyers for each presentation, and send the flyers to d20afgnews @gmail.com (omit the space before the "@" sign). 
  • Speaker Seeker Committee Chair - Researches and books two guest speakers for District 20's bi-monthly Speaker Meetings. Takes guest speakers out to dinner before the event. Works closely with the Host Group Coordinator. Communicates scheduled guest speaker names (and schedules) to the DR. at least a month in advance of the next scheduled program. Sends event leaflet files via email to the DR, the District 20 Host Group Coordinator,  the NCWSA Web Coordinator, the SCV AFG Web Coordinator, the SCV AFG Teleservice Coordinator, the Speaker Committee Public Relations Coordinator and the SCV AFG Secretary, at least 4 weeks before the next scheduled program takes place, so they may be distributed in a timely manner by the local AIS, the district reps., and online. 
  • Host Group Coordinator - Visits and contacts local meetings to request that they "host" a District 20 Speaker Meeting by providing a secretary, a refreshment team, and set up and tear down team, from their group members. Schedules Host Groups and sends a email with the completed schedule to the Speaker Seeker Committee Chair and the DR, at least 4 weeks before the next scheduled program takes place. Communicates the District 20 $50 limit for food cost reimbursement per speaker meeting to host groups and maintains contact with the meeting rep. to make sure the reimbursement has taken place, if requested. Stores District 20 supplies and takes them to (and from) the speaker meeting, before and after the event. 
  • Web site and District 20 News Group Coordinator - Maintains the District 20 Web site, adds or updates Google Documents on the site, maintains the District 20 Google Group and sends news and area information and links out though that email news group. Also maintains the District 20 Facebook page.
*All persons interested in filling open district service positions must be voted in by the group reps. attending the next scheduled business meeting. All positions requiring AMIAS cerification to work with Alateens must be certified by the NCWSA Alateen Process Person before applying for the position, and retain that annual certification for the duration of the position.

Please send comments to "d20afgnews @gmail.com" (Remove space before "@" symbol.)