Find, Add, or Update Meeting Listings
A combined list of District 20, 21, and 22 meetings (with selected D-13 Palo Alto meetings), can be found at the Web site. 
The SCV AFG Master Meeting List has an online listing of all meetings, plus instructions on how to add or update: 
  • For new and existing Alateen meetings and events, the procedure always begins by contacting the SCV AFG APP, since Alateen Safety procedures are changing at NCWSA.
Find a Meeting Using the NCWSA Meeting Map Web Tool:
To find an Al-Anon, Alateen, Service, or Institutional meeting anywhere in Northern California, please visit the NCWSA Meeting Map Web page. 
On that page, under "Meeting Filter," find "Focus." Use the down arrow to see a list of meeting types, then click to select "Al-Anon," or a more specific type of Al-Anon meeting (like "Al-Anon Beginners") from the list. Next, click the "Apply Filter" button.  
The yellow bubbles on the map will change, showing only the type of meeting you have selected. Click on a bubble and the meeting time and location will pop up in a separate window. You can expand or reduce the geographic location covered by the map, by using the (+) and (-) slide bar on the left side of the map image. You may separate the clusters of bubbles by zooming in (+) on the map.
Find a Meeting Using the NCWSA Meeting Map List Web Tool:
You can also visit the NCWSA Meeting Map List Web page to find an Al-Anon, Alateen, Service, or Institutional meeting anywhere in Northern California.  
On that page select, "Click here to go to the list," then enter your city name in the text box titled, "Search." A printable list of meetings in your city and their location, will appear.
About the Northern California World Service Area (NCWSA):
NCWSA maintains a the most complete and up-to-date listing of all Al-Anon and Alateen meetings, service meetings, and events, from Monterrey to the Northern California border.  
NCWSA elects and sends a regional delegate to the annual WSO Convention in Virginia Beach. This delegate reports back to our area through quarterly NCWSA Committee meetings for district representatives and other Northern California World Service Committee officers and coordinators, and through written reports in the 12-Stepper, plus further in-person reports at the annual NCWSA Convention and NCWSA Assembly.
The International World Service Organization (WSO) of Al-Anon and Alateen Family Groups (AFG):
WSO, located in Virginia Beach, VA, maintains all meeting records, provides WSO meeting registration numbers to new meetings, distributes free meeting literature and readings in print and online to all currently registered meetings, and produces publications and pamphlets for sale to Al-Anon and Alateen meetings around the world in many languages. 

Updating all (above) AFG organizations and their Web sites:
The instructions below will update:
  • NCWSA Meeting Map and the NCWSA Meeting Map List 
  • Your District Representative 
  • SCV AFG Intergroup (or AIS) Web site and Directories 
There are two separate forms and two separate procedures for updating Al-Anon and Alateen meetings, both of which are listed below. 
  • Meetings and service officers are asked to please re-submit one of these forms to NCWSA every January in order to retain their WSO numbers and keep their meeting and service volunteer status current.   
1. For new or existing Al-Anon meetings or service positions - Please fill out an A-16 Al-Anon Registration/Group Records Change Form and submit the completed copy to NCWSA Group Records at the address shown on the bottom of the form. (We are in Area #3CAN and you may determine your district using the NCWSA Meeting Map - Meeting Filter - District pull-down arrow, to show the regions of different districts in the SCV-AFG AIS area.) 
2. *For an existing Alateen meetings or service positions - Please fill out an A-22-6 Alateen Registration/Group Records Change Form and submit the completed copy to the SCV AFG Alateen Process Person, who will forward the completed form to the NCWSA AAPP. (We are in Area #3CAN and you may determine your district using the NCWSA Meeting Map - Meeting Filter - District pull-down arrow, to show the regions of different districts in your area.)  
3. *For new Alateen Meetings - Please contact the SCV AFG Alateen Process Person (APP) before filling out any paperwork, then proceed to step #2. 
4. Send duplicate copies of the completed forms (A-16 Al-Anon or *A-22-6 Alateen) to the SCV AFG Directories Coordinator and to your District Representative. These addresses can be found on the site or in the SCV AFG Meeting Directory, which is available online. They can also be found by contacting NCWSA Group Records at grouprecords (remove the space before the "@" symbol before sending.) 
5. Please do not send forms to WSO. NCWSA forwards all Al-Anon and *Alateen group records changes and additions electronically to WSO, once NCWSA Group Records or the NCWSA Alateen AAPP have received and processed the forms. 
6. All AFG Organizations (NCWSA, SCV AFG, WSO)  use your submitted Al-Anon and *Alateen NCWSA forms to update their meeting directories and Web sites. Most local coordinators will not update directories or Web sites without first receiving these forms and confirming that NCWSA has received the original copy of the completed form. We do this to help the World Service Organization (WSO AFG) maintain accurate information for all active Al-Anon and Alateen meetings, and events. 
7. Please ask your home meeting and service group to update its A-16 Al-Anon or *A-22-6 Alateen form every January, using these steps. This will help AFG organizations locally and nationally in maintaining accurate information on your meetings, districts, AIS, and service volunteers. It will also keep your WSO numbers active and allow your home meeting to receive free copies of the current WSO Al-Anon/Alateen Service Manual, FORUM, the NCWSA 12-Stepper, Alateen publications, and other new and free publications and tools from NCWSA and WSO. 
8. *Alateen Safety Procedures and processes are changing. Please contact the SCV AFG Alateen Process Person (APP) and the NCWSA AAPP for more information and updates on Alateen meeting procedures. 
Please send comments to "d20afgnews" (Remove space before "@" symbol.)