Links to NCWSA Event Calendars & Leaflets

The best resource for Al-Anon and Alateen events and service meeting information is the Northern California World Service Area (NCWSA) Events List pageMany of the Events on the NCWSA Events List page are open to the public and provide an introduction to Al-Anon and Alateen in Northern California.
  • Event leaflets are offered in both .PDF and Word formats.
  • Complete event information and maps are provided. 
  • Alateen Events listed on that site meet NCWSA Alateen Safety Requirements.
  • The NCWSA Events List displays events in all districts of the 3CAN Northern California WSO AFG region. 

To add your event to the NCWSA Event Calendar:
  • Planning an event? Want to get the word out quickly? Please read this NCWSA document, before promoting events to AFG groups or submitting any event materials to the NCWSA Event Calendar. 
  • If your event will not include Alateen participation or attendance, or your event leaflet has already been approved by the NCWSA AAPP and includes a B-17 Alateen Safety Statement, please use NCWSA's Submit An Event page.
The NCWSA Events List also displays all business meetings of interest to district reps., group reps., area information services (AIS or Intergroups), plus local and regional contact information for coordinators and officers. 

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