Technical Support

About the Site:

This site was created in Blogger and has been tested on multiple browsers and operating systems, including laptops, desktops, tablets, android devices, IPads, IPods, and IPhones, with no known issues on those devices which have retained their factory settings.

PDF's of our D-20 Master Meeting List and other forms have been uploaded to Google Drive. Other forms on this site have been created in Google Docs.

All of documents on this site are set to be shared publicly in Google Drive with anyone who has the link to the document. No sign-in is required to view our documents or PDF's through Google Drive. 

For the convenience of Apple device users, All PDF URL's on this site have been shortened at, since some iPhones with downloaded Apps may not recognize long Google Docs URL's.

Please refresh your browser whenever you visit this site, as our documents are updated frequently and may contain new URLs.

Apple Device PDF Workaround Procedure:

If you see a blank browser when using the Google Drive PDF's on this Web site, please follow this procedure on your Apple device:

  1. Click on the PDF link to the document found on our Web site
  2. On your device, tap the URL to highlight the entire address, and then release
  3. Tap the highlighted URL to get options
  4. Select 'Copy'
  5. Open a new new browser and tap the blank URL bar
  6. Select 'Paste' and then 'Go'
  7. The entire PDF document will appear in the new browser
If you are experiencing this issue, please also contact Apple Support at at 1-800-MyIPhone or visit an Apple store for assistance. Apple will assist you in backing up your files, then restoring your Apple factory settings.

Affected Apple device users may also visit the NCWSA Meeting Map List, then type in a city or day of the week (or both) in the blank Search box. A meeting list will appear which can be sorted by city, day of the week, or meeting type, using the up or down symbols at the top of each column.

To find business meetings and regional events, affected Apple device users also may visit the NCWSA Events List page to see a chronological list of area business meetings, plus regional and local Al-Anon and Alateen program events.

Contact Us:
Please contact our District 20 Web Coordinator with any comments or questions, or if you would like to have one of our PDF files or forms from the site emailed to you..

District 20 Web Coordinator: d20afgnews - please omit the space before the "@" symbol before sending).